The Art of Managing Time

The great management theorist Peter Drucker once said: “Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.”

Hence, the statement “time is money” is absolutely true for entrepreneurs!

Deciding where to focus and spend time each day to ensure that you are doing all that is essential can be overwhelming. Being in charge of your time management is a key part of being an entrepreneur, a strong leader.

As noticed by Hari Shankar Tibrewala who is an Indian based out in Dubai entrepreneur and working on a huge agro-based venture in South African countries, it’s crucial for entrepreneurs to arrange their days to ensure they’re doing the appropriate things at the accurate time. That takes authority—but the payoff will be less stressed and a better managed and more successful the company will be.

Hari Shankar Tibrewala, who was a successful entrepreneur for many years, opinions that true entrepreneurs must use aggressive strategies of time management to achieve more.

One Productive Thing A Day

Despite of what goes on during the day, make a vow to do at least one productive thing every single day. The expression ‘productive’ in this case means an action that will result in revenue at once or in the future.


It is tricky to cut loose in a world that has become so interconnected owing to technology. There are iPhones, netbooks with free Internet, email, social networking updates and all in between that keeps most people continuously connected to all. How can a person get anything accomplished with these continuous distractions? The only way out is to cut off from it all.


When you concentrate on a single task, Hari Shankar Tibreawala observes, you can put your full brain power to finishing it. The result is a well planned, defined product or solution finished in a faster time than if you did as multi-tasking.