Bring Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Back

All of us have heard this before: Entrepreneurs are the ones who are resilient and always surface with creative ideas.

Not always!

Entrepreneurs can be infected by the brain-drain virus. A few times, they just can’t do things they normally do. They feel tired and worn out. Hari Shankar Tibrewala, the successful global entrepreneur and also the one who experiences the same thing as the others, many times, suggests to all the entrepreneurs, “It’s time to recharge yourself and be prepared to raise your bar and risk things, as usual.”

Here are a few suggestions by Hari Shankar Tibrewala to get your entrepreneurial spirit back again:

Take part in adventure sports, drive a racing car, and any other common activities. Those activities can enable you to relieve anxiety and burden the entrepreneurial journey brings you.

Leave your venture, along with any of your communication devices for a short vacation – No phone calls, no IM, no emails. No, your company won’t get doomed if you leave them for a couple of days. Chances are, your venture will run well, even a lot better without you, with the help of your valuable teammates.

Find a different hobby! Try tango dancing even though you may not like dancing at all. Even though it seems depressing, performing things you don’t prefer could bring you new passions and push you to step out of your comfort zone, thus forcing creativeness out from you.

Give your expertise to be a consultant in a new venture – This way, you are subjected to challenges a new business face, something that will advise you why you want to be an entrepreneur.

Rise up from your cozy couch and run chores. You can’t get yourself too cozy with your current scenario, as it simply brings you to procrastination, which leads to a loss of your entrepreneurial passion. Good luck!