About Me

It would be fair to say that Hari Shankar Tibrewala is modern day icon of a diversified entrepreneur.  He was born in the Kolkata, India on June, 2nd 1978. He...


I am always happy to hear from you! If you have any general query or just wish to say "Hi", don't hesitate to contact me.

I love doing things differently! That’s right! I love to put my views into strong actions. I am an entrepreneur and create unique business model for the people of African continent. So, what are you waiting for?My agro based project for the people of South African people has been a successful endeavor for me.


1996 – 2001


I am a commerce graduate from University of Calcutta.
2013 - Present


I am working fervently for Plus Agrology Ltd, based in African continent for contributing to the welfare of African local community which has effectively created a unique business model offering...